Birmingham to Amsterdam

Birmingham to Amsterdam Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a city that seamlessly blends rich history with a vibrant contemporary culture. With its picturesque canals, world-class museums, and an open-minded atmosphere, it’s a must-visit destination for any traveler. In this travel guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your trip from Birmingham to Amsterdam unforgettable.

Getting There: Flights from Birmingham

Direct Flights

If you’re looking for convenience, consider taking a direct flight from Birmingham Airport (BHX) to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Several airlines operate direct flights, making it a quick and hassle-free option.

Indirect Flights

Indirect flights, although often cheaper, may involve layovers in cities like Paris, Frankfurt, or Brussels. While these flights take longer, they can save you money. Just be prepared for a slightly longer journey.

Choosing the Right Airport

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, you’ll land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of Europe’s busiest airports. It’s well-connected to the city center via trains, buses, and taxis, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to your destination.

Accommodation Options in Amsterdam


Amsterdam offers a wide range of hotels to suit every budget. Whether you prefer luxury accommodations or cozy boutique hotels, you’ll find plenty of options in various neighborhoods.

Cheap Amsterdam Hotel and Flights


For budget-conscious travelers and backpackers, hostels are a great choice. Amsterdam has a thriving hostel scene, with clean and sociable options that won’t break the bank.


If you’re looking for a more local experience, consider renting an Airbnb. You can find charming apartments and unique accommodations throughout the city.

Public Transportation

Amsterdam’s public transportation system includes trams, buses, and ferries. You can purchase an OV-chipkaart for easy access to all modes of transport. Biking is also a popular way to get around, and rentals are readily available.

Cycling in Amsterdam

With its flat terrain and extensive bike lanes, Amsterdam is a paradise for cyclists. Rent a bike and explore the city like a local, pedaling along scenic canals and through charming neighborhoods.

Walking Tours

Amsterdam is a compact city, making it perfect for exploring on foot. Join a guided walking tour to discover the city’s hidden treasures and fascinating history.

Top Attractions in Amsterdam


The Rijksmuseum is a treasure trove of Dutch art and history, housing works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other masters. Don’t miss “The Night Watch” and the iconic IAmsterdam sign outside.

Van Gogh Museum

Dedicated to the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, this museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Explore his famous paintings and gain insight into his tumultuous life.

Anne Frank House

Step back in time at the Anne Frank House, where the young diarist hid during World War II. It’s a moving and thought-provoking experience.

Canal Cruises

Amsterdam’s canals are a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the best way to appreciate them is by taking a canal cruise. You’ll see picturesque bridges, historic houses, and hidden courtyards.

Hidden Gems in Amsterdam


Escape the bustling city by visiting Begijnhof, a serene courtyard with historical buildings and a hidden English Reformed Church. It’s a peaceful oasis in the heart of Amsterdam.

De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat)

Animal lovers shouldn’t miss De Poezenboot, a houseboat turned sanctuary for stray cats. You can even visit and interact with the feline residents.


Micropia is the world’s only museum dedicated to microbes. Explore the fascinating world of microorganisms and gain a newfound appreciation for the unseen life around us.

Food and Dining in Amsterdam

Dutch Pancakes

Indulge in Dutch pancakes, which are thin and wide, often served with sweet or savory toppings. They’re a delicious and quintessentially Dutch treat.

Raw Herring

Try raw herring, a local delicacy. Served with onions and pickles, it’s an authentic taste of Amsterdam’s maritime heritage.


Stroopwafels are sweet, thin waffle-like cookies with a caramel syrup filling. You’ll find them in markets and bakeries across the city.

Amsterdam’s Nightlife

Red Light District

The Red Light District is famous for its neon-lit windows, but it’s also a lively nightlife hub. Explore bars, clubs, and theaters in this unique area.

Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein

These squares are known for their vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a night out in Amsterdam.

Safety and Practical Tips

Local Laws and Customs

Respect local laws, including those related to smoking, noise, and public behavior. Cannabis is tolerated but only in designated areas.

Healthcare and Emergency Numbers

In case of emergencies, dial 112. Medical facilities in Amsterdam are of high quality, but it’s essential to have travel insurance.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Amsterdam is during the spring (April to May) when the city is in full bloom, and the weather is pleasant. Summer (June to August

is also a popular time to visit, but it can be crowded. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider the fall (September to November) when the city’s foliage changes, creating a picturesque setting. Winter (December to February) offers a different charm with fewer tourists and the possibility of a snowy landscape.

Packing Essentials

When packing for your trip to Amsterdam, remember to bring:

  • A rain jacket or umbrella, as the city is known for its occasional showers.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring on foot.
  • A power adapter if your devices have different plug types.
  • Travel guides or maps to help you navigate the city.

Language and Communication

Dutch is the official language, but you’ll find that many locals speak English fluently, making it easy to communicate. Learning a few basic Dutch phrases is always appreciated.

Currency and Money Matters

The currency in Amsterdam is the Euro (€). Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are readily available for cash withdrawals.

Cultural Sensitivity

Amsterdam is known for its tolerance and open-mindedness. However, it’s essential to be respectful of local customs and cultures. Be mindful of the use of cameras in certain areas, and always ask for permission when taking photos of people.


Your journey from Birmingham to Amsterdam promises to be an exciting adventure filled with culture, history, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re exploring world-class museums, indulging in delicious Dutch cuisine, or simply strolling along picturesque canals, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Remember to plan ahead, pack wisely, and immerse yourself in the unique charm of this captivating city. Have a fantastic trip, and don’t forget to capture those memorable moments!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is it necessary to book tickets to Amsterdam in advance?
    • While last-minute deals are possible, booking your flights and accommodations in advance is recommended, especially during the peak tourist season.
  2. What’s the best way to get around Amsterdam if I don’t want to rent a bike?
    • Amsterdam’s public transportation system is efficient and easy to use. Trams, buses, and ferries can take you to most attractions.
  3. Are there any safety concerns for travelers in Amsterdam?
    • Amsterdam is generally a safe city. Still, be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas and follow local laws and customs, especially in the Red Light District.
  4. Can I use credit cards in most places in Amsterdam?
    • Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Amsterdam, including restaurants, shops, and attractions. It’s a convenient way to pay for your expenses.
  5. What’s the best way to explore the hidden gems of Amsterdam mentioned in the guide?
    • Joining guided tours or using mobile apps with walking tours can help you discover the city’s hidden gems, including Begijnhof, De Poezenboot, and Micropia.

Now that you’re well-prepared, get ready to enjoy your Birmingham to Amsterdam adventure. Safe travels!