cheap flight from vienna to amsterdam

cheap flight from vienna to amsterdam

cheap flight from vienna to amsterdam

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Find Cheap Flights from Vienna to Amsterdam

When looking to travel from Vienna to Amsterdam, you want to find the best deal on airfare. We know that cheap flights allow you more opportunities to explore this vibrant Dutch city. By following our tips and tricks to save money on Vienna to Amsterdam flights, you can focus your travel budget on experiencing all that Amsterdam has to offer.

Book Early for the Lowest Fares

One of the key strategies to finding cheap flights from Vienna to Amsterdam is to book your ticket early. Prices fluctuate frequently, and tickets tend to be cheaper when they first go on sale. Booking a flight at least two months in advance allows you to take advantage of lower fares before they start to increase closer to the travel date.

Be Flexible with Travel Dates

If your schedule allows, consider traveling a day earlier or later than originally planned. Even shifting your dates by one day can reveal substantially lower fares. Most travelers prefer weekend getaways, so you’re more likely to save on midweek flights between Tuesday and Thursday. Also check surrounding airports for cheaper flights flying into Rotterdam or Eindhoven instead.

Leverage Price Alerts

Many travel booking sites offer price alerts when airfares drop. By setting up these notifications for flights from Vienna to Amsterdam, you’ll be promptly notified via email when lower fares become available. This allows you to quickly grab discounted seats before others snatch them up.

Compare Multiple Booking Sites

Prices can vary drastically between different airline and travel websites. Rather than sticking to one site, conduct extensive comparisons across various providers to find the lowest fare. Sites to check include Skyscanner, Kiwi, Expedia, and Priceline. Spending time to research all sites gives you the best chance at scoring budget-friendly tickets.

Fly Out of Nearby Airports

If you live near Vienna, check rates out of surrounding airports like Bratislava or Budapest. Sometimes you can save substantially by flying out of a nearby city. Factor in the costs of transportation or parking to determine if it makes financial sense.

Fly at Off-Peak Times

Flights departing early in the morning or late at night tend to have lower fares. If you can handle a red-eye, you’re likely to save over more popular daytime departure options. This allows you to maximize your time in Amsterdam while paying less on airfare.

Consider Budget Airlines

Carriers like RyanAir, Vueling, EasyJet, and WizzAir specialize in cheap flights across Europe. Research routes from these budget airlines, which sometimes provide major discounts not offered on traditional carriers. Make sure to read baggage policies carefully, as low-cost airlines often charge extra fees.

By putting these tips into practice, you can secure bargain Vienna to Amsterdam airfare. Let us handle the flight search details while you look forward to exploring magnificent Amsterdam on a budget!

How to Travel from Vienna Airport to Amsterdam City Center

Once you land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on the outskirts of the city after your cheap Vienna to Amsterdam flight, you need to make your way into the city center. Here are transportation options to consider:


One of the fastest and cheapest ways to reach Amsterdam Centraal train station is by taking the train from the airport terminals. This 15-20 minute journey runs every 10-15 minutes for only about €5 per person each way. Purchase tickets from machines before boarding and validate them onboard.

Shuttle Bus

Private shuttle buses offer direct transportation into downtown Amsterdam from the airport. While more expensive than the regular train, shuttles provide convenience by dropping passengers right at their hotels. Expect to pay around €17 per person for a one-way shared shuttle transfer.

Public Bus

City bus lines 197 and 370 connect Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal station by public transportation. However, the bus takes about 35-50 minutes depending on traffic. Still, at only €5 each way, buses provide an affordable option.


While fast, taking a taxi can get very expensive with fares around €50-70 each way between the airport and city hotels. Only opt for a taxi if you have extra luggage or need to travel late at night when other public transit options are limited. Always agree on a set price beforehand.

Rental Car

If planning to explore the wider region, rental cars allow maximum flexibility. But we don’t recommend driving into central Amsterdam, where parking is extremely limited. Instead, take the train into the city center and pick up your rental car when ready for regional Dutch road trips.

With this guide on transportation from the airport, you can seamlessly connect to downtown Amsterdam after finding cheap flights from Vienna. Enjoy the ease and affordability of traveling around this incredible city!