cheap flights amsterdam to vancouver

cheap flights amsterdam to vancouver

cheap flights amsterdam to vancouver

How to Get the Best Deals on Flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver

Booking cheap flights between European and North American destinations can seem like an art form. But with some research, flexibility, and smart planning, scoring an affordable airline ticket from Amsterdam to Vancouver is very achievable.

The key is knowing where to look, when to book, and what factors influence flight pricing between these two tantalizing cities on separate continents. Whether you’re a budget backpacker or luxury traveler, use these tips to keep more cash in your pocket for exploration once you arrive.

Check Main Airlines Flying AMS to YVR Direct

The major carriers offering direct service from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air Canada.

While flagship airlines generally have higher fares, they sometimes offer sales and have an extensive global route network to leverage when pricing tickets. Checking both KLM’s and Air Canada’s websites is wise to compare rates on nonstop flights.

Consider One-Stop Itineraries on Foreign Carriers

Foreign airlines like Icelandair, Condor, and British Airways route from Amsterdam to Vancouver via a connection in their main hub airports. The stopover point is usually in Iceland, Frankfurt, or London.

Although these one-stop flights take longer, they introduce more variability in pricing. If you’re flexible on travel time and don’t mind the extra leg via Reykjavik, for example, one-stop flights can offer substantial savings.

Know Seasonality of Vancouver-Bound Travel

As a popular year-round destination for skiing and outdoor adventure, Vancouver flight prices don’t always follow predictable patterns. However, late spring and fall shoulder seasons typically offer the best fares.

Rates usually spike in July and August due to cruise ships and summer travelers. Holiday trips around Christmas and New Year also come at premium pricing. Aiming to fly in May or September can yield cheaper tickets.

Leverage Search Engines and Metasearch Sites

Search engines like Google Flights display an amalgamation of fares from OTAs, airlines, and aggregators when you input your route details. The calender function lets you easily view cheapest travel dates at a glance.

Metasearch engines like Skyscanner and Kayak work similarly but cast an even wider net for deals. Their flexible date grids reveal intriguing airfare patterns week-by-week. Cross-checking flights across platforms helps uncover the lowest prices.

Check Budget Airlines for Discount Fares

Low-cost carriers (LCCs) like EasyJet, Transavia, and Eurowings Discover service Amsterdam Airport while Swoop, Flair, and WestJet fly out of Vancouver Int’l.

While no LCC operates the Amsterdam to Vancouver ultra long-haul route directly, checking their websites is key. Sales can bring down fares on the legs they do operate, which may connect to partner flights for dirt cheap overall ticket prices.

Factor In Best Airports for Savings

Considering nearby airports like Rotterdam The Hague, Brussels, Paris, London or regional Canadian airports like Abbotsford and Bellingham can significantly lower rates.

If a cheap fare prompts a longer overland journey upon arrival, it may still be worthwhile if it saves hundreds over the base Amsterdam-Vancouver price. Casting a wider airport net invariably turns up surprises.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts and Sales

Enabling fare alerts on Google Flights and major airline/OTA websites sends you an email whenever prices drop below a chosen amount for selected route and date ranges. Jump on email sales alerts to snag limited-time deals at the year’s lowest pricing.

Social media alerts from airlines and flight deal influencers are another avenue to receive spontaneous fare promotions before the public. Turn them on for a shot at surprise sales.

Bid on Opacity Flights for Deep Discounts

Opacity booking platforms like Priceline’s Name Your Own Price tool and Hotwire’sprivate sale fares let you bid on unsold airline seats without knowing exact details until after purchase.

If your bid wins, you can score extraordinary deals, easily 50-75% off typical fares. The catch is no modifications or cancellations are allowed after ticketing. But for travelers who live dangerously, opaque bids offer unparalleled savings.

Use Points and Miles to Lower Cash Outlay

Frequent flyer programs of loyalty carriers like KLM Flying Blue, Air Canada Aeroplan, British Airways Avios, American Airlines AAdvantage, and partner programs like Ultimate Rewards and Membership Rewards enable you to redeem accrued miles and points for free flights.

When cash fares are higher, using airline miles and credit card points to book Reward seats can hugely reduce cash outlay. Signing up for the programs above and banking points toward a Vancouver reward flight is wise.

Consider Vancouver Stopovers on Round-the-World Tickets

Some airlines like Air Canada, KLM, and alliance partners issue special Round-the-World and Circle Pacific fares that let you fly around the planet with multiple stops for one fixed price. Routing westbound from Amsterdam, Vancouver works seamlessly as a North American gateway and stopover around mid-journey.

Compared to regular Economy and Business Class fares, Round-the-World tickets offer exceptional value from Amsterdam with Vancouver a prime inclusion given its geographical position.

So don’t let sticker shock deter you from visiting all that Vancouver has to offer. Utilizing the tips above will assure you score the best possible deal on flights from Amsterdam across the pond. Happy savings hunting!