Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost

Hotels in Amsterdam: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
The Flying Pig Uptown-42%84 49 View hotel
The Flying Pig Downtown-42%107 62 View hotel
Amsterdam Teleport Hotel★★★-36%127 81 View hotel
Via Amsterdam-22%125 97 View hotel
HOTELUX Amsterdam Airport Hotel★★★-12%90 79 View hotel
Amsterdam Hostel Uptown-7%100 93 View hotel
Xplore Hostel Amsterdam-20%104 83 View hotel
De Bedstee Boutique Capsules★★-41%123 72 View hotel
Joy Hotel★★★-22%125 97 View hotel
Volkshotel★★★-32%129 88 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: 3 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Linden Hotel★★★-42%250 145 View hotel
Volkshotel★★★-32%129 88 View hotel
't Hotel★★★-9%365 331 View hotel
NinetyNine Amsterdam Airport★★★-17%103 85 View hotel
Mr. Jordaan★★★-22%239 186 View hotel
Conscious Hotel Amsterdam City - The Tire Station★★★-11%165 147 View hotel
Krisotel★★★-32%222 152 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: family

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
citizenM Schiphol Airport★★★★-22%178 139 View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam★★★--View hotel
XO Hotels Couture★★★★-23%141 109 View hotel
Jaz in the City Amsterdam★★★★-29%156 110 View hotel
ClinkNOORD Hostel-37%156 98 View hotel
MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West★★★--View hotel
Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam--View hotel
The Social Hub Amsterdam City★★★★--View hotel
Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport★★★★--View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein★★★-6%236 221 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: romantic

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Park Mansion Centre★★★★-9%272 248 View hotel
Hotel Fita★★★-19%258 208 View hotel
Hotel Clemens★★-20%275 221 View hotel
Hotel V Nesplein★★★★-30%334 235 View hotel
Hotel La Bohème★★-7%280 261 View hotel
citizenM Amsterdam South★★★★-31%161 111 View hotel
Sir Albert Hotel★★★★-15%304 257 View hotel
citizenM Schiphol Airport★★★★-22%178 139 View hotel
Alp Hotel★★-22%189 148 View hotel
A-Train Hotel★★★-7%248 230 View hotel

Cheap flights to Amsterdam

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Dublin7 August 20248 August 2024Tickets from 101
London6 September 20248 September 2024Tickets from 110
Prague12 September 202414 September 2024Tickets from 116
Berlin2 September 20245 September 2024Tickets from 116
Barcelona5 September 20249 September 2024Tickets from 136
Madrid2 December 20244 December 2024Tickets from 139
Edinburgh12 September 202415 September 2024Tickets from 140
Malaga16 February 202520 February 2025Tickets from 145
Girona5 September 20248 September 2024Tickets from 149

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost

For those searching for hotels in Amsterdam, particularly cheap hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost, there are numerous options that offer affordability without compromising on quality. Zuidoost, a vibrant and culturally diverse district in Amsterdam, provides visitors with budget-friendly accommodations, making it an ideal destination for cost-conscious travelers.

Affordable Lodging in a Dynamic District

These hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost offer basic to comfortable amenities, catering to a variety of needs. Guests can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood, known for its music venues and shopping centers, while staying within their budget.

cheap hotels in amsterdam trivago.

Cheap Hotels in De Wallen Amsterdam

Exploring cheap hotels in De Wallen Amsterdam leads to a plethora of budget-friendly options in one of Amsterdam’s most famous districts. De Wallen, known for the Red Light District, is a historic area that offers a unique Amsterdam experience.

Economical Stays Amidst Vibrant Nightlife

Hotels in De Wallen provide guests with an affordable way to experience the lively and historic side of Amsterdam. These accommodations are perfect for travelers who want to be in the heart of the city’s nightlife and cultural scene.

cheap hotels amsterdam schiphol airport.

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam with Swimming Pool

For those looking for cheap hotels in Amsterdam with a swimming pool, there are several options that combine the luxury of a pool with affordable pricing. These hotels offer a refreshing escape within the city, perfect for relaxation after a day of exploring.

Budget-Friendly Relaxation and Leisure

These hotels not only provide an affordable stay but also add an element of leisure with their pool facilities. Guests can enjoy a swim or lounge by the poolside without stretching their budget.

cheap smoking hotels in amsterdam central.

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam with Smoking Rooms

Cheap hotels in Amsterdam with smoking rooms cater to guests who prefer accommodations where smoking is allowed. These hotels offer designated smoking rooms, ensuring comfort for smokers while respecting the preferences of all guests.

Accommodations with Smoking Amenities

These smoking-friendly hotels in Amsterdam provide well-ventilated and comfortable smoking rooms, ensuring that guests who smoke can do so in a convenient and respectful manner.

cheap smoking hotels in Amsterdam city Centre.

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Where You Can Smoke Weed

For visitors interested in cheap hotels in Amsterdam where you can smoke weed, there are specific accommodations that cater to this need. These hotels have policies that allow the smoking of weed in designated areas, aligning with Amsterdam’s famous cannabis culture.

Lodging Aligned with Amsterdam’s Cannabis Culture

These hotels offer a unique aspect of Amsterdam’s culture, with facilities that permit the smoking of weed in a controlled and respectful environment, catering to guests who wish to partake in this aspect of the city’s social scene.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding hotels in Amsterdam, options range from cheap hotels in Amsterdam Zuidoost to specialized accommodations like cheap hotels in Amsterdam where you can smoke weed. Whether seeking the vibrant nightlife of De Wallen or the leisure of a hotel with a pool, Amsterdam’s range of affordable hotels caters to a diverse array of preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for every traveler.123.

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