cheap hotels near vondelpark amsterdam

cheap hotels near vondelpark amsterdam

Hotels in Amsterdam: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
The Flying Pig Uptown-6%113 107 View hotel
The Flying Pig Downtown-15%138 118 View hotel
Dutchies Hostel-43%296 169 View hotel
Generator Amsterdam-6%185 175 View hotel
Ecomama-7%226 211 View hotel
Hotel van de Vijsel★★★★-15%219 187 View hotel
Amadi Panorama Hotel★★★★-15%146 124 View hotel
Hotel Casa Amsterdam★★★-9%190 172 View hotel
Mr. Jordaan★★★-26%298 222 View hotel
Hotel V Fizeaustraat★★★★-23%219 168 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: 3 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Krisotel★★★-20%268 215 View hotel
Hotel Sint Nicolaas★★★-22%345 270 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: family

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
citizenM Schiphol Airport★★★★--View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam★★★--View hotel
XO Hotels Couture★★★★--View hotel
Jaz in the City Amsterdam★★★★--View hotel
ClinkNOORD Hostel--View hotel
MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West★★★--View hotel
Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam--View hotel
The Social Hub Amsterdam City★★★★--View hotel
Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport★★★★--View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein★★★--View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: romantic

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Canal House★★★★-8%463 427 View hotel
Boutique Hotel Notting Hill★★★★-15%285 244 View hotel
DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam - NDSM Wharf★★★★-23%261 201 View hotel
Hotel Parkview-13%350 305 View hotel
Hotel Roemer Amsterdam★★★★-18%214 175 View hotel

Cheap flights to Amsterdam

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London15 May 202416 May 2024Tickets from 91
Milan10 October 202413 October 2024Tickets from 102
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse5 June 20246 June 2024Tickets from 102
Dublin30 April 20243 May 2024Tickets from 108
Barcelona20 June 202422 June 2024Tickets from 109
Prague20 September 202425 September 2024Tickets from 114
Venice19 June 202421 June 2024Tickets from 117
Copenhagen21 June 202423 June 2024Tickets from 123
Birmingham14 May 202417 May 2024Tickets from 134
Berlin7 May 202410 May 2024Tickets from 135

Cheap Hotels Near Vondelpark Amsterdam

For those seeking cheap hotels near Vondelpark Amsterdam, there is a wealth of options that blend affordability with comfort and convenience. Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most famous and beloved park, is surrounded by a variety of accommodations that cater to budget-conscious travelers. These hotels offer an ideal balance, providing a serene escape near the park while being just a short distance from the bustling city center.

Affordable Comfort Close to Nature

Staying near Vondelpark means you’re never far from a tranquil green space, perfect for morning jogs or leisurely strolls. Hotels in this area range from basic hostels to mid-range hotels, all offering easy access to the park and nearby attractions.

cheap hotel in amsterdam schiphol airport.

Hotel Vondelpark Amsterdam

When it comes to hotel Vondelpark Amsterdam, travelers have a diverse selection of establishments to choose from. These hotels, ranging from boutique to larger chains, provide visitors with an array of amenities and styles, all within a stone’s throw of the park’s lush landscapes.

Diverse Options for Every Taste

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay or a simple, comfortable room, hotels near Vondelpark cater to all preferences. Many of these hotels also offer picturesque views of the park, adding a special touch to your Amsterdam experience.

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark is a standout choice for eco-conscious travelers. This hotel prides itself on sustainable practices and a commitment to the environment, all while offering a stylish and comfortable stay.

Eco-Friendly and Stylish

The Conscious Hotel near Vondelpark blends modern design with eco-friendly initiatives. Guests can enjoy organic breakfast options, energy-saving systems, and rooms furnished with sustainable materials, making for a guilt-free and enjoyable stay.

Park Plaza Vondelpark

Park Plaza Vondelpark offers a luxurious and convenient stay for those wanting to be close to Vondelpark. Known for its high standards, Park Plaza provides guests with an elegant and comfortable base from which to explore Amsterdam.

Luxury and Elegance Near the Park

At Park Plaza near Vondelpark, guests can expect top-notch amenities, including fine dining restaurants, spacious rooms, and professional service. The hotel’s proximity to Vondelpark allows for easy access to one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful outdoor spaces.

cheap hotel in amsterdam schiphol airport.

Conscious Hotel Amsterdam

Expanding beyond Vondelpark, the Conscious Hotel Amsterdam brand encompasses a philosophy of sustainability and environmental responsibility across its locations. These hotels offer a green approach to hospitality, ensuring a stay that’s both comfortable and eco-friendly.

Sustainability Across the City

Whether you choose to stay near Vondelpark or at another Conscious Hotel location in Amsterdam, you can expect a consistent commitment to eco-friendly practices, including organic food, recycled materials, and energy-efficient systems.

In conclusion, when searching for hotels in Amsterdam, particularly those near Vondelpark or with an eco-conscious ethos, there are plentiful options to suit every need and budget. From the budget-friendly yet comfortable lodgings to the more luxurious and sustainable choices, each hotel provides a unique way to experience the charm and beauty of Amsterdam. With Vondelpark as a serene backdrop, your stay in this vibrant city is sure to be both memorable and enjoyable.1-2-3.

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