Eden hotel Amsterdam

Hotels in Amsterdam: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
The Flying Pig Uptown-6%113 107 View hotel
The Flying Pig Downtown-15%138 118 View hotel
Dutchies Hostel-43%296 169 View hotel
Generator Amsterdam-6%185 175 View hotel
Ecomama-7%226 211 View hotel
Hotel van de Vijsel★★★★-15%219 187 View hotel
Amadi Panorama Hotel★★★★-15%146 124 View hotel
Hotel Casa Amsterdam★★★-9%190 172 View hotel
Mr. Jordaan★★★-26%298 222 View hotel
Hotel V Fizeaustraat★★★★-23%219 168 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: 3 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Krisotel★★★-20%268 215 View hotel
Hotel Sint Nicolaas★★★-22%345 270 View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: family

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
citizenM Schiphol Airport★★★★--View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam★★★--View hotel
XO Hotels Couture★★★★--View hotel
Jaz in the City Amsterdam★★★★--View hotel
ClinkNOORD Hostel--View hotel
MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West★★★--View hotel
Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam--View hotel
The Social Hub Amsterdam City★★★★--View hotel
Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport★★★★--View hotel
Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein★★★--View hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam: romantic

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Canal House★★★★-8%463 427 View hotel
Boutique Hotel Notting Hill★★★★-15%285 244 View hotel
DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam - NDSM Wharf★★★★-23%261 201 View hotel
Hotel Parkview-13%350 305 View hotel
Hotel Roemer Amsterdam★★★★-18%214 175 View hotel

Cheap flights to Amsterdam

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
London15 May 202416 May 2024Tickets from 91
Milan10 October 202413 October 2024Tickets from 101
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse5 June 20246 June 2024Tickets from 102
Dublin30 April 20243 May 2024Tickets from 108
Barcelona20 June 202422 June 2024Tickets from 109
Prague20 September 202425 September 2024Tickets from 113
Venice19 June 202421 June 2024Tickets from 117
Copenhagen21 June 202423 June 2024Tickets from 122
Birmingham14 May 202417 May 2024Tickets from 134
Berlin7 May 202410 May 2024Tickets from 134

Eden Hotel Amsterdam

Eden Hotel Amsterdam stands out as a premier choice for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, convenience, and charm in Amsterdam. Located in the heart of the city, this hotel offers an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Amsterdam.

Central Location and Comfortable Stay

Elegant Rooms and Modern Amenities

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam boasts elegantly designed rooms equipped with modern amenities, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. The hotel’s central location makes it an ideal base for exploring Amsterdam’s iconic attractions.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Email

For inquiries and reservations, the Eden Hotel Amsterdam email provides a direct communication channel to the hotel’s dedicated customer service team.

Efficient Customer Service

Prompt and Helpful Responses

Reaching out via the Eden Hotel Amsterdam email ensures timely and personalized responses, aiding guests in planning their perfect Amsterdam stay. The hotel’s staff is committed to providing exceptional service to every guest.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Postal Code

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam postal code is an essential detail for guests planning their visit. Located in the bustling area of Amsterdam, the postal code is a key piece of information for locating the hotel.

Easy Accessibility

With the Eden Hotel Amsterdam postal code, guests can easily navigate their way to the hotel, which is well-connected and accessible by various modes of transportation.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Bike Rental

Eden Hotel Amsterdam bike rental service offers guests a unique and authentic way to explore the city. Amsterdam is known for its cycling culture, and the hotel provides an excellent opportunity to experience it firsthand.

Exploring Amsterdam on Two Wheels

Convenient and Eco-Friendly Travel

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam bike rental allows guests to traverse the city’s bike-friendly streets and canals, providing a convenient, eco-friendly, and quintessentially Dutch mode of transportation.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Address

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam address places guests in the epicenter of Amsterdam’s bustling activity. Situated in a prime location, the address is synonymous with accessibility and convenience.

Prime Location for Explorers

Heart of the City

Located at this prime address, Eden Hotel Amsterdam offers guests immediate access to Amsterdam’s major attractions, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the city.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam to Dam Square

The journey from Eden Hotel Amsterdam to Dam Square is both quick and pleasant, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the cultural and historical richness of Amsterdam’s central square.

Effortless Travel to Iconic Locations

Close to Major Attractions

Guests staying at Eden Hotel Amsterdam can easily reach Dam Square, known for its historical significance and vibrant atmosphere.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Breakfast

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam breakfast is a delightful experience, offering guests a wide range of choices to start their day in the best possible way.

Delicious and Nutritious Start to the Day

Variety of Breakfast Options

Whether you prefer a hearty traditional breakfast or a lighter continental option, the Eden Hotel Amsterdam breakfast caters to all tastes, ensuring guests are well-fueled for their day of exploration.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Promo Code

For those seeking value, the Eden Hotel Amsterdam promo code offers a chance to enjoy this fabulous hotel at a discounted rate.

Special Offers and Discounts

Maximizing Your Budget

Using the Eden Hotel Amsterdam promo code, guests can take advantage of special offers and discounts, making their stay at this prestigious hotel even more enjoyable and affordable.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam Restaurant

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam restaurant is renowned for its exquisite dining experience, blending international cuisine with local flavors in a sophisticated setting.

Culinary Excellence in a Chic Ambiance

Gourmet Dining at the Hotel

Guests can indulge in a gourmet dining experience at the Eden Hotel Amsterdam restaurant, enjoying a variety of dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, and served in an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

In conclusion, whether you’re planning a stay at Eden Hotel Amsterdam or looking for the Eden Hotel Amsterdam email for inquiries, this hotel offers a blend of elegance, comfort, and convenience. From the Eden Hotel Amsterdam bike rental service to the delightful Eden Hotel Amsterdam breakfast, every aspect of your stay is thoughtfully designed to ensure a memorable experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

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